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The most important concept in life



Balance in home, work and school life, balance in relationships between mother, father, spouse, children and friends, balance between what we eat and drink, balance between our activities during the day... In 24 hours, every moment we live, we are actually trying to balance something... Sometimes a One side prevails, sometimes the other... Our lives are spent trying to keep our balance like a seesaw.

This was the question I was asked in an interview years ago, when I started interviewing for jobs near my graduation from college; “What is the most important thing in life?”. I said "balance" without hesitation, then it was as if I felt that I would not be able to balance work and home for many years... This was probably not the answer expected from me, but that interview came back to me as a job offer. Afterwards, without thinking about this question and its answer, almost day and night, sometimes at a pace where I could only go home to sleep, in plazas where windows could not be opened and where it was impossible to breathe, every meeting, the managers we needed to make happy, the shareholders, the endless questions such as more sales, more profits, better results. I worked for many years in the 's; without being able to establish that balance.

Meanwhile, the balance you cannot establish in one area of life actually reflects in every area. For example, while working such long hours and at a busy pace, constantly consuming ready-made food and junk food, you lose your nutritional balance, your balance of friends, family and spouse because you have no social life, and most importantly, your health balance.

There is also the aspect of the matter after becoming a mother; Because then it becomes much more difficult to establish these balances, so that's what happened for me. I always thought that if I took the responsibility of bringing a child into this world, I should try to raise him well. In the first years, I experienced the fears, concerns, what ifs, what ifs that most mothers experience... I thought that I was stealing her time every day I went to work, then I learned to balance healthy separation and healthy reunion. At first, I fed and drank whatever the doctor told me to do, but later, as I read, researched, and delved deeper, I began to find our own truths.

As both a mother and someone who has had a professional career in the food industry for many years, I studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in America and received a "Holistic Nutrition and Health" diploma in order to support and develop all these research and experiences with a little more science.

Life in balance was born as a platform that I have been dreaming of for many years, where I want to share what I have learned and experience so far, to inspire and shed light on the lives of others, and to include healthy nutrition and all the areas we try to balance in life.

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