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Be Good to Yourself

This book will guide you through the stages you can go through during the elimination process, and will be your companion by providing delicious and nutritious recipes suitable for elimination, on what to eat, with what and how to eat during this period.

At the same time, it shares information on where and how to start for those who want to age healthily and step into a sustainable, healthy life.


• Experience problems such as bloating, indigestion and gas after meals,
• Find yourself emotionally in front of the refrigerator,
• Dealing with intestinal problems such as constipation and diarrhea,
• Having difficulty falling asleep or sleeping uninterruptedly,
• Experience skin problems such as acne, eczema, rash,
• Wake up tired and unrested in the morning,
• Experience muscle and joint pain,
• Feel tired after eating,
• Crave certain foods such as sweet and salty,
• If you feel unhappy and low on energy
• Or if your doctor recommends it

you may need ELIMINATION DIET.

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Ourselves are our most precious thing.


We will put the oxygen mask on ourselves first. We will be good to ourselves.

The elimination period is a special period when we start to wear this oxygen mask, take care of ourselves and take care of ourselves more.

Then are you ready to get better for yourself?


You can also be good for yourself
and if you want to gift health to your loved ones,
You can safely access my book from the pages below.

Aslıhan Gözdem Kaya

Balanced Life is something I have dreamed of for many years, where I want to share what I have learned and experience so far, to inspire and shed light on the lives of others, and which includes healthy nutrition and all the areas we try to balance in life.
was born as a platform.


Live Broadcasts, Interviews, TV Programs

One of today's most important representatives in the field of Functional Medicine
Our collaboration
with Dr.Deanna Minich
International Live Broadcast

From Colorful Nutrition to Melatonin

wonderfully informative and high energy

This unmissable International Live Broadcast, 

Holistic doctor, one of my most valuable teachers, who gives conferences around the world in the fields of Nutrition and Functional Medicine, has more than 50 scientific publications and 6 world-famous books.

Dr.Deanna Mİnich (MS, PhD, FACN, CNS, IFMCP)

We did it together.

Instagram link of International Live Broadcast

'Bambaşka Sohbetler' with Ceyda Düvenci
"What is Elimination?"

I was the guest of Dear Ceyda Düvenci on NTV

at the "Bambaşka Sohbetler" program.

We had a pleasant conversation on

Healthy Eating, Elimination Diet and

healthy eating habits for children

on teve2

Let's Talk About This Too  "Dark Colored Vegetables Are Healing Foods"

I was the guest of Let's Talk About This Too, presented by Didem Uzel Sarı and Aylin Çetinkaya.
I shared the curious questions about colorful nutrition and healthy living habits.

Most Frequently Done
Nutrition Mistakes

Getting out of the comfort zone in nutrition,

Philosophy of food for life,

What is elimination, how is it done?,

What are the important mistakes we make regarding nutrition?

Cultural codes in nutrition,

How can we strengthen our immunity?

What are the diseases that may cause us trouble in the future?

Our nightmare: Diabetes

Purifying from Toxins
21 Days
Elimination Diet
How To?

We had a pleasant conversation about the elimination diet. People who want to lose weight and lose weight try many different diets, so how is the elimination diet done, who can follow the elimination diet, which vegetables are consumed?

Skin-Friendly Nutrition
How come?
What Causes Bloating and Indigestion?

In our second video; We talked about many topics, including foods that are good for our skin and the causes of bloating and indigestion.

We are in Tuğçe's Kitchen

In Tuğçe's Kitchen, we talked about "Life in Balance, Nutrition in Balance." 🦋 We made my 3 most popular, healthy and practical recipes: 1. Sugar-free and Gluten-free (Flourless) Chocolate Cookies 2. Gluten-free Pastry 3. Cauliflower Ravioli 🦋 There was also a surprise guest at the end of the program 🧿 

Tuğçe's Kitchen

April 23 Special Broadcast

At Tuğçe's Kitchen, this time with my children

We were guests in the 23 April Special Broadcast. 🦋

We also talked about "Life in Balance, Nutrition in Balance." 🦋 We also made a very popular, healthy Gluten-Free Pizza with the children. 🧿 



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